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Yes, I’ve been doing photography for a long time.  Yes, I’ve been in business for a couple years.  And yes, I just attended my very first workshop and it was so exciting!  I LOVED that I had the opportunity to continue my education and learn from the best.  And Robin from Picsy Photography & Stephanie from Lemonade Stand Photography are the best!  Let’s face it, any type of continuing education is expensive and it’s so important to find the right fit for your style.  I searched for over a year and narrowed it down to Simply Fresh Newborn Workshops.  I just love tiny feet and this is exactly what I need!  I met another 5 fabulous ladies, too!

Meet the newborn gurus below!

Simply Fresh Newborn Workshop  Jennifer Cherry Photography
Simply Fresh Jennifer Cherry Photography

This workshop was just so much fun!  We drank coffee, chatted, laughed, drank more coffee, and then got serious.  Kidding.  Everyone was so open and this made for a very comfortable atmosphere and conversation (about children pushing each other down the stairs).  Stephanie and Robin took the time to individually critique the back of our camera until we got it right.


Simply Fresh Newborn Workshop Jennifer Cherry Photography


They helped nail down details, workflow and editing.  We also covered different kinds of lighting, not to be afraid of ISO, preparing the client and yourself and most important, safety.  Here are some of the awesome ladies!  But here is a link to a final image of the entire crew.


Simply Fresh Newborn Workshop Jennifer Cherry Photography

It was important to me to find a workshop who specializes in natural light and uses the same post processing workflow.  And Simply Fresh Newborn Workshop was a perfect match for me and my style of photography.


Newborn Workshops Jennifer Cherry Photography
Newborn Workshop Jennifer Cherry Photography

These ladies are amazing teachers and it shows in how excited they were to share their experiences with us.  It was wonderful to watch them work and improvise when needed, which is necessary because the baby is the boss during a session.


Newborn Workshops Jennifer Cherry Photography
Austin Texas Newborn Photographer

All summed up, this workshop gave me the a-ha moments I was missing and has helped me open the doors to be more successful as a photographer and I forever grateful to all these ladies.  I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to take their newborn photography to the next level.